How much is the pool for an hour?

Just £15.00 per hour for a couple or £20 for a group swim as a weekly slot, usually for a minimum of three months. Call for more details.

Can I swim on my own?

For your safety, lone swimming is not allowed under our insurance policy so there needs to be from two to five of you per slot.

Can I just turn up and pay?

Unfortunately not; the pool is private hire and pre-booked for exclusive, private use and you will need to contact us first and book a regular slot.

Can I bring children?

Our apologies, but no. We regret our insurance policy prevents us from allowing children in the pool.

Is the pool supervised? Do you have a lifeguard?

No and no; the pool is for private hire and it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that those who use the pool can swim adequately or use the necessary swimming aids. Non-swimmers must be supervised by a responsible swimmer at all times.

Is changing time included in the hour?

It is; to make sure it’s fair for all users of the pool, we kindly ask that you make sure you’re ready to leave at the end of your hour.

Do I have to wear a swimming cap?

Those lucky enough to have long, lustrous hair should wear a swimming cap whist in the pool.

Can I change my slot?

Once you secure your slot, that will be the one that is allotted to you weekly. We’ll try our best to see if we can fit you in to a spare slot if you can’t make it (if one is available) but generally, we’d very much like clients to see their time slot as their own and most clients prefer this.

What are my payment options?

BACS transfer or a standing order, using your home or telephone banking, paid in advance. Account details are: Sort Code 09-01-28 and Account Number 55110133

I’ve got more questions

Just call or email and we’d be delighted to answer any queries you have.